The power struggle between good and evil is eternal. Evil-doers are constantly tainting the world with their dark influence. Meanwhile the poor champions of Light wear themselves out trying their best to maintain the slightest semblance of tranquility…

Deities have all but grown bitter through the eons of fighting for dominance, as neither good or evil can seem to gain considerable dominance over each other.

An immensely powerful being responsible for balancing good and evil in the multi-verse, known in age-old myths as Equilibrium has been subjected to subtle corruption by the hands(and collective followers) of the lords of the nine hells and the dark eight… This is slowly but surely tipping the balance of good and evil to the latter’s favor, Making devils, demons, and all evil beings more powerful by the day.

Something will have to be done to avert an inevitable apocalypse as it unfolds….

New Dawn